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At Dick Lovett Swindon we appreciate you want to drive your BMW as soon as possible.  That is why we now offer on selected BMW Approved Used Cars a 'Drive Away Today' scheme. 


Purchase your BMW before 12 noon and you can collect it the very same day*. 

Dick Lovett Swindon has access to over 300 Approved Used BMWs in our Group stock. Our proactive acquisition policy ensures that we source the very best high specification models for dealerships.

If there is a particular vehicle you would like to test drive that is held at our Hungerford or Bristol dealerships, please call us and we will arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to Swindon for you.

If you are searching for the perfect BMW Approved Used Car, please call a member of our used car sales team on 01793 615 999

To search our Approved Used stock, you can either use the links to the left of this page or the search function below.

We would like to remind customers that prior to visiting our dealerships, we recommend that you call us to check that we have the desired vehicle in stock to avoid disappointment.


* Selected models only.  Terms and conditions apply.  Please speak to one of our Sales Executives for more details. 

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